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About Us

Experience seamless importation of authentic Italian & European goods

  • Zmeralda is a leading global company specializing in products export and consultancy services. We are committed to delivering the highest quality products and expert guidance to our clients. Our dedicated team of professionals works tirelessly to identify the most lucrative export opportunities for our clients. Our team speaks the Italian, English and the Arabic languages. 

Buy & Sell

Buy & sell from the factory to the importer.


Act as an intermediate depending on the product.

Franchise Acquisition

That includes contract negotiations & contract closing.

Sourcing Products

Finding products according to the needs of the customers.


We Operate Mainly In Italy

We Speak Your Language

Our team speaks the Italian, English and the Arabic languages.

We Know Your Needs

We know exactly what you need and how to get them for you.

Streamlining Factory Communication

We facilitate your communication with the factories and do effective follow up.

Quality Assurance

We do inspections before sales (product & factory inspection).

Most Important

You will avoid fraud & risks.


Everything the customer could ask for.

Ice Cream

Italian ice cream powder & paste

Beauty Products

Makeup & Skin care franchise acquisition.

Hair Care

Hair care products, Shampoo, conditioner & all types of hair protection.

Contact Lenses

Branded & private brands, solutions & eye drops.

Vehicle Parts

Car battery cables & other automotive cables.

Industrial Gas Tanks

Robust containers designed to store and transport various gases, including oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen.

Can't Find Your Product? Let Us Help You!
Reach out to us if you don't see your desired product listed, and we'll go the extra mile to source it for you!
  • Roma, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy