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About Us

They say : " to understand the situation best , you have to live it first" ! 

Zmeralda Italy is a business that acts as a "HUB" between the Italian and external markets. It is a platform to connect people : we act on B2B basis mainly for companies who SEARCH for "made in Italy " products. Products may vary from food to clothes, shoes, ceramics, machines, electronics, textiles, food & beverage, coffee  etc... We help you create your private labels !

In addition to the mentioned, Zmeralda acts as a franchise acquisition for a third party. It negotiates and closes deals on behalf of its clients .

We work with integrity and transparency. Our objective is to create a long term business relation on both sides of the coin. Our vision is to grow and strengthen to become one of the well established HUBs providing best services. And our mission is to act on the interest of both sides by providing best quality services with highest professionalism.

We speak the Arabic, English and Italian language

And as the book says :"Life is full of colors , choose the color that fits you most" !

Our Services

Coffee shopping

Are you looking for the fine Italian coffee and you do not know who to contact? or vending machines that suits your business or your business network ? We are here to assist you!

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Fashion & Accessories

Everything made in Italy , clothes, garments , shoes , accessories We connect you with the source. Children , women and men

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Food & Beverages

Whenever we think of Italy we think of pizza and pasta. Reality is that Italy has many other ingredients to export. Like canned products. Or even beverages.

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Looking for cosmetics , face cream and makeup? Contact us , we might have what you need

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Stock Items

We provide a wide range of stock -men, women or children wear , in addition to accessories . The stock are usually of known brands . If you are interested just notify us with your needs and we will act upon it

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Franchise Acquisition

We act as franchise acquisition for third parties . We do the first contact , negotiation and lead our customer through until signature .

Create your own PRIVATE LABEL

Why market for others , market for you !

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How to subscribe

How to subscribe and be part of our platform?

If you are a business looking for providers in Italy , or a manufacturer that wishes to be part of our platform just click on the "subscribe " bottom on the lower right hand end of the "contact" page.

Subscription is completely free of charge. 

We will get your query and match you with what you are looking for.

Service charges and percentages will be discussed in private case by case.

Do not hesitate to send us an email for any inquiry .

Or simply send a whatsapp with your query on the number mentioned on the contact page.

Contact Us

  • Milan, Lombardy, Italy


Italian Make up Franchise for sale

Zmeralda Italia always come up with new brands and products for sale An Italian Makeup franchise of good quality for sale in the Arab region If interested contact us on our email

Visited MICAM MIlan for lates shoes designs

MICAM is one of the most important and biggest Expos for shoes in Italy that is held in Milan. Zmeralda crew have visited the Expo to come back with contacts and offers from latest designers and manufacturers. We know that we always need to be prepared to provide our customers with what they need !

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All names started small. When they started they had a dream and a vision that tomorrow they will be known all over the world. Not all of them had enough sources , should it be financial or network. They only set their dream on the road and they reached it. Be a builder and not a follower .. Build your own brand with best Italian products

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