About Us

They say : " to understand the situation best , you have to live it first" ! 

Are you an Italian manufacturer who would like to sell your products to foreign markets ? Or a Buyer who is searching for Italian product ? Subscribe at our plat form and we will help you.

Zmeralda Italy is a business created to act as a "HUB" between the Italian and external market. It is a platform to connect people : we act on B2B basis mainly for companies who SEARCH for "made in Italy " products. Products may vary from food to clothes, shoes, ceramics, machines, electronics, textiles, food & beverage, coffee  etc... We help you create your private labels !

We also serve boutiques that import Italian clothes and shoes & interested to have someone to represent them in Italy to make their search easier and more convenient.

We started as a mono player and now we are a little team of sociable business oriented PR specialists that understand the need of the importer and exporter.

We work with integrity and transparency. Our objective is to create a long term business relation on both sides of the coin. Our vision is to grow and strengthen to become one of the well established HUBs providing best services. And our mission is to act on the interest of both sides by providing best quality services with highest professionalism.

We speak the Arabic, English and Italian language

And as the book says :"Life is full of colors , choose the color that fits you most" !