About Us

Zmeralda Italy is an expert in exporting Italian products to the MENA markets. It is your company that connects you with the Italian Industry. "made in Italy” products.

Products may vary from food to clothes, machines, electronics, textiles, food & beverage, coffee etc...

Zmeralda Italia also helps its partners to create their own private labels . And acts as a franchise acquisition for a third party. It negotiates and closes deals on behalf of its clients.

The company work with integrity and transparency. Its objective is to create a long-term business relation on both sides of the coin. Its vision is to grow and strengthen to become one of the well-established HUBs providing best services. & its mission is to act on the interest of both sides by providing best quality services with highest professionalism. The company provides full fledge service as it also help in the logistics of exporting the products to the customer's country of destination.

Zmeralda team speak the Arabic, English and Italian language